Bach Cantata BWV 46 – 13 August

  The Choir of St James’

  Pip Dracakis – Soprano
  Liza Lilli – Soprano
  Amy Moore – Soprano
  Brooke Shelley – Soprano
  Carmel de Jager – Alto Soloist
  Alex Siegers – Alto

  Luke Iredale – Tenor Soloist
  Ian McCahon – Tenor
  Simon Turnill – Bass Soloist
  Patrick Baker – Bass
  Lincoln Law – Bass
  Phil Murray – Bass


  Stephen Freeman – Violin
  Meg Cohen – Violin
  Annie Gard – Violin
  Nicole Forsyth – Viola
  Anita Gluyas – Cello
  Theo Small – Bass
  Simon Rickard – Bassoon
  Alistair Nelson – Organ
  Mikaela Oberg – Recorder
  Alicia Crossley – Recorder
  John Foster – Trumpet

   Directed by
  Warren Trevelyan-Jones

Cantata 170611_3sml

Composed in Leipzig in 1723, J.S. Bach’s Cantata for the Tenth Sunday after Trinity is an example of the Baroque master’s complex compositional style, with unusual scoring, wild dissonances and uncompromising fugues.

The service is based on the Lutheran Service of Vespers, with readings that reflect the Cantata.

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