Sermons: 2013

Andrew Sempell: Christmas I Elaine Farmer: Advent III Andrew Sempell: Advent I Martin Davies: Pentecost XXVI Andrew Sempell: Remembrance Day Andrew Sempell: Remembrance Sunday Elaine Farmer: All Saints' Day Michael Horsburgh: Pentecost XXIII Greg Anderson: Pentecost XXII Elaine Farmer: Pentecost XXI Michael Horsburgh: Pentecost XX Andrew Sempell: Pentecost XVIII Andrew Bowyer: Pentecost XVI Andrew Bowyer: Pentecost XIV 25 [...]

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Sermons: 2012

Andrew Sempell: First Sunday after Christmas 30 December 2012 Andrew Sempell: Christmas Day 2012 Martin Davies: Third Sunday of Advent 16 December 2012 Robert Forsyth: Pentecost XXI 21 October 2012 Martin Davies: Pentecost XX 14 October 2012 Andrew Sempell: Pentecost XVIII 30 September 2012 Michael Horsburgh: Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost 9 September 2012 Greg Seach: [...]

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Sermons: 2011

Andrew Sempell: Fourth Sunday in Advent 18 December 2011 Michael Horsburgh: Third Sunday of Advent 11 December 2011 John Beer: Christ The King 20 November 2011 Andrew Sempell: Remembrance Day 11 November 2011 Andrew Sempell: All Saints' Festival 30 October 2011 Matthew Smedley: Pentecost XIX 23 October 2011 Michael Horsburgh: Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2 October [...]

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Sermons: 2010

Andrew Sempell: Christmas Day 2010 Michael Horsburgh: Third Sunday of Advent 12 December 2010 Michael Horsburgh: Lent III 2010 John Beer: Epiphany III (Orchestral Mass - 24 January 2010) Michael Horsburgh: Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord 10 January 2010

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Sermons: 2009

Michael Horsburgh: Second Sunday of Advent 6 December 2009 Michael Horsburgh: Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost 15 November 2009 Michael Horsburgh: 13th Sunday after Pentecost 30 August 2009 Jeremy Greaves: Feast of St James 25 July 2009 Dorothy Lee: Pentecost V 10 July 2009 Michael Horsburgh: Easter VII 24 May 2009 John Beer: Sixth Sunday of [...]

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