Children’s Chapel

Twenty Minute Talk: Children’s Chapel

The Chapel of St Mary and the Angels

One of St James’ greatest hidden treasures is the exquisite Children’s Chapel in the Crypt. It is the work of the Turramurra wall painters and was painted in 1929. In this talk we discuss the history of the chapel and its murals. 

This talk was first given after Sunday morning services on the 22nd October 2017 and has been recorded as a free podcast so you can listen again online at any time. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Much of the material in this talk was drawn from the Parish Archives of St James’ Church, and the St James’ Institute would like to thank Rosemary Annabel for her considerable notes on the history of the church and current Archivist Gordon Cooper for his assistance in preparing this talk.

We are also grateful for the support of the State Library of NSW and the Art Gallery of NSW who were able to provide us with further information about the chapel and its restoration. The links below come from their research. 

In the talk, we mention Anne Gaulton who worked as a conservator for the Art Gallery of NSW during the 1990s. She is now an artist in her own right – this is her website:

The conservation work on the chapel was carried out by International Conservation Services. This is their website and a page about the restoration project:

Here’s an article by Anna Diakowska-Czarnota:

Here’s some information from the State Library of NSW:

“The Wall painters mural panels completed by Turramurra Group to go to Rabaul Church” in the Sydney Morning Herald, 21 Feb. 1935, p.18

“Art and artists” in the Brisbane Courier, 5 Sept. 1931, p.16

“Telling a story of a Carol” in The Observer (Adelaide), 27 March 1930, p.51


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