Advent Studies: Pilgrim Course – Church and Kingdom

Fr Andrew Sempell, Sue Mackenzie, Christopher Waterhouse, Ross & Libby Hindmarsh, Kumar Rasiah

  • Mondays 10:00am-12noon, Chatswood (with Sue Mackenzie)
  • Tuesdays 1:00pm-2:00pm, St James’ Hall (with Fr Andrew Sempell)
  • Tuesdays 6:00pm-8:00pm, Pyrmont (with Ross and Libby Hindmarsh)
  • Wednesdays 7:15pm-8:30pm, St James’ Hall (with Christopher Waterhouse)
  • Thursdays 7:00pm-8:30pm, Homebush (with Kumar Rasiah)

In this four part series we are invited to explore how we can ‘follow the way’, experiencing Christian faith not just as a set of things to believe in but as a way of life. Free to attend, $10 for booklet (payable in cash on the day).

Book by phone: (02) 8227 1305

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In Christian teaching there can be no double-standards. Whatever is unlawful for a woman is equally unlawful for a man. Men and women were redeemed together for one price, and together have been called into the assembly of the Christian church. With what arrogance or with what sort of conscience do men think they can do with impunity things which are unlawful for men and women equally?


There are four qualities which must be tested in a friend: loyalty, right intention, discretion and patience, so that you can entrust yourself to them securely.


Quotes from The Pilgrim Course – Church and Kingdom.