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The Choir of St James’, La Madeleine, Paris, April 2016 (Photo: Warren Trevelyan-Jones)

Thank you so much to our many generous supporters from our Pozible campaign:

Amy James
Andrew O’Connor
Andrew Sempell
Anthony Causon
Charlotte Crill
Chris Wilson
David Saffir
Isabelle Phillips
Jeremy Kinross
John Maxwell-Jones
Joy Hasler
Judith Chen
Judy Lee
Katherine Norman
Katie Bell
Kieran Norman
Lies, Lies and Propaganda
Lyndel Elsley
Margaret J Hansen
Martina Golding
Mary Elsley
Michael Fong
Natalie Zilberud
Neville Norman
Nick Barker-Pendree
Nick Dinopoulos
Nick Luke
Nita Lawrie
Peter Dracakis
Virgil Vasquez