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Sermons: 2014

Michael Horsburgh: Christmas I

Andrew Sempell: Christmas Day

Ivan Head: Memorial sermon for Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson

This sermon was delivered by Canon Dr Ivan Head, Warden of St Paul’s College, University of Sydney, at a Memorial Service to Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson at St James’ Church, King Street, Sydney, on Friday 19 December 2014.

‘Holy is the true light, and passing wonderful, lending radiance to them that endured in the heat of the conflict: from Christ they inherit a home of unfading splendour, wherein they rejoice with gladness evermore. Alleluia.’

Salisbury Diurnal
English: G.H. Palmer

Michael Horsburgh: Advent III

Elaine Farmer: Christ the King

Andrew Sempell: Remembrance Sunday

Patrick Irwin: Pentecost XX

Ian Palmer: Pentecost XIX

Andrew Sempell: Pentecost XVIII

Elaine Farmer: St Michael and All Angels

Martin Davies: Pentecost XV

Andrew Sempell: Pentecost XIII

Michael Pembroke: Arthur Phillip Commemoration Service (31 August 2014)

Michael Horsburgh: Pentecost XII

Susanna Pain: Pentecost X

Andrew Sempell: Pentecost VIII

Michael Horsburgh: Pentecost V

Elaine Farmer: Pentecost IV

Andrew Sempell: Pentecost III

Andrew Sempell: Easter VII

Andrew Sempell: Easter VI

Andrew Sempell: Easter II

John Bluck: Holy Week and Easter Sermons 2014

Michael Horsburgh: Lent V

Andrew Sempell: Lent IV

Martin Davies: Lent III

Andrew Sempell: Epiphany VII

Andrew Sempell: Australia Day (1000 – Orchestral Mass)

Michael Horsburgh: Epiphany II (1000 – Orchestral Mass)

Michael Horsburgh: Epiphany II (0745)

Martin Davies: The Baptism of Our Lord


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